Online Marketing Webinar for Real Estate Professionals Launched by Housing Company

Miami, FL (PRWEB) April 21, 2014

New solutions to market single family homes for sale to purchasers in the USA now exist thanks to one housing company online. The How to Market Houses company has created a new online marketing webinar for real estate professionals now accessible at

The content of this new training series is relevant for the marketing solutions that are in place for this year and apply to selling strategies in all U.S. states. The different ways to sell houses to qualified and unqualified buyers that are presented in the training can help professionals expand sales success annually.

“The promotional strategies that have been developed by our company or that have been acquired through other connections in the housing industry are included in the training content now available,” said Ryan Bush, creator of the company.

One of the multiple advantages that professionals can receive upon accessing the new content available is the overviews that are provided for completely new marketing strategies. The changes enabled by Google and other top Internet companies to search results have introduced some complications to the promotional industry.

“The content that any professional can access through our training on the Internet features new strategies that are used to market all types of properties and are clear of search engine pitfalls,” said Bush.

The How to Market Houses company has developed additional content that is now presented to visitors of the company website in 2014. Aside from promotional tools, complete ways to automate a real estate business and other educational topics are now featured inside of the company blog.


The company has constructed a marketing program that is now accessible through a webinar or through additional training programs that are positioned on the company website this year. The company is owned by real estate professionals who consistently research new methods to expand housing sales and services in the U.S. The company provides complete support for its training solutions that are accessible 24/7 on the Internet through any connected device. New marketing programs that are relevant for this year are now featured in the standard training solutions.

Austin Home Search Experts at Regent Property Group Welcome Agent Travis Westover

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) August 27, 2013

Regent Property Group announced the acquisition of real estate agent Travis Westover to its boutique luxury real estate firm in the Westlake area of Austin, Texas. Westovers addition to the team will support Regents Austin luxury homes market share and will help serve its rapidly growing clientele of home buyers and home sellers.

Westover is a detail oriented agent who brings with him a range of skills, including investment property experience and extensive experience in the mortgage industry, where he worked his way from loan officer to team leader to vice president of development, ultimately growing a mortgage business from one office to a total of 13 offices.

Travis is a tremendous addition to Regent Property Group, said founder and broker Brian Talley. He is determined, diligent, dedicated to his clients, and has an enthusiasm for real estate that translates into real results. We are happy to welcome him and look forward to celebrating his continuing success with our team.

Westover, originally from Vero Beach, Florida, said he prides himself on taking a focused approach toward earning clients appreciation and is committed to protecting their interests. He is known to be adept at providing the best information for clients’ real estate decisions and is a skilled negotiator. Westover graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Finance and a minor in Marketing and continues to quench his thirst for knowledge through Northwestern University and other venues with career-enhancing classes on topics such as entrepreneurship and negotiation. He enjoys utilizing his pilots license, deep sea fishing, boating, and tennis and is a Formula One Racing enthusiast.

Regent Property Group, a leader in Austin home search technology, has grown its team of agents steadily and also announced recently its expansion to a Westlake office on Bee Cave Road near Barton Creek. Regent Property Group is home to leading residential and luxury property experts who monitor real estate statistics and provide this data to educate the public and clients.

About Regent Property Group

Regent Property Group was founded by Brian Talley, who has closed over $ 17 million in transactions thus far in 2013 and previously has been ranked among the top 1% and 2% of Austin Board ofREALTORS

trying to find a house to rent?

Question by hi: trying to find a house to rent?
so there is this really incredibly nice house for rent for only 1500 a month. I live in Southern California and if you are a resident here, you would know that is a ridiculously cheap offer. Especially for a gated community house with three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. I emailed the agent and he emailed me back saying if i was really interesting. I feel really skeptical although deep down I am hoping there is such thing as finding a really nice cheap house for rent.

I was just wondering if there were any signs I need to watch out for IF this wasn’t the real deal?
anything I should be aware of? Any advices?

because if the rent was THAT cheap for a two story house, especially in California, there is a high chance of being it a scam.

What are you thoughts? Is 1500 a month for a three bedroom two story house in a gated community in a really nice neighborhood hard to believe too?

Best answer:

Answer by Big Deal Maker
You only state that it is in southern california and no other information. Need to know where the home is. Sounds like a condo.

Give your answer to this question below!

Android TV Channel presents La Vida Robot Movie Trailer

Park City, UT (PRWEB) April 19, 2014

Android TV News: La Vida Robot Movie Trailer

A group of high school students compete in an underwater robotics competition.

The journey of four undocumented Mexican-American high school students from Phoenix,AZ who form a robotics club and are led by their teacher with nothing but spare parts and a dream to compete against MIT in a National Underwater Robotics Competition.

The movie, “La Vida Robot,” is based on the 2004 Carl Hayden robotics team’s efforts in a NASA-sponsored college competition.

Director: Sean McNamara

Writer: Elissa Matsueda

Stars: Alexa PenaVega, Marisa Tomei, Jamie Lee Curtis

ANDROID TV covers red carpet, award shows, movie premieres and original productions. ANDROID TV will have exclusive sit down interviews with the biggest celebrities.

“We are excited to continue our mission that started in 2006- of distributing red carpet & exclusive interviews, entertainment news, independent film making,TV and movie content..” says Fernando Escovar Creative Director for ANDROID TV products and services.

Exo Level and the ANDROID TV development team have created a cult following. Consumers are willing and eager to pay nearly double the price of competing devices like Apple TV and Roku for a better performing EXOON tv set top box.

Consumers and developers alike love the quad core processor, upgraded chipset and custom rom that comes fully rooted which allows users super privileges to fully customize their EXOON set top box with 3rd party add-ons.

“The technology we have developed is changing the way consumers communicate with their TV and devices overall,” says Jason Labossiere President of Exo Level

Exoon Power Pro includes channels like movies and television, music-only channels featuring all of the latest hits, news channel support from providers like Fox News and SkyNews, Latino-oriented content, family content and more. Exoon Power Pro also supports many existing services that you may already subscribe to like Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Pandora and other popular services through the set top box, allowing you to seamlessly integrate the service into your existing home theater configuration.

Exo Level will be running an extensive advertising campaign to attract new customers to the already stable and increasingly popular user base. Dubbed the “We Love TV” campaign, it is designed to showcase what makes the so attractive to consumers with a wide variety of different tastes and interests.

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Real Estate Investors Achieve Profitable Outcome In Viera, Florida

VIERA, FLORIDA (PRWEB) April 22, 2014

Lynn Stagl is an award-winning licensed real estate agent now assisting real estate investors acquire distressed home for sale in Viera, Florida. To learn more about Lynn Stagl visit her website at

Lynn now specializes in assisting real estate investors rake in a bundle buying deeply discounted distressed properties, making improvements, and then flipping those homes for sale in Viera, Florida.

According to recent Gallop poll, “…a plurality of Americans now think of real estate as the best long-term investment.” In a recent TV News Broadcast on Brighthouse Cable News, approximately 35 percent of residential home mortgages on the Space Coast are currently underwater. The term underwater is described as home mortgages with a valuation of $ 25,000.00 or more than the current residential property valuation.

This 35 percent glut of underwater properties on the Space Coast area of Florida is one of the highest in the nation. For these reasons, real estate investors are looking for deals and raking in profits by flipping distressed properties.

The value Lynn brings to the transaction table at closing on behalf of the real estate investor “buyer” is Lynn’s research, including comparative market analysis, and her knowledge of the local real estate market coupled with her years of experience operating a home improvement company.

Lynn is now assisting real estate investors, general contractors, and private property owners cash in on this lucrative “flipping” transaction.

Each short-sale is extremely beneficial to the Bank’s bottom line, beneficial to the Seller to end the suffering on the upside down mortgage, and beneficial to the Buyer by flipping the property and pulling out cash profit on the second improved property closing several months later.

A distressed mortgage which is underwater and running a month or two behind is a looming foreclosure the bank would prefer to overcome.

Based upon fair market value and current conditions of the property, Lynn will assist her real estate customer determine the appropriate purchase offer.

When the property owner accepts the real estate investor’s short sale purchase offer that property owner saves his/her credit profile by avoiding potential foreclosure and by avoiding potential bankruptcy proceedings.

Each next distressed property Lynn Stagl can eliminate from the local market is a huge bonus for all other property owners and the bank, by Lynn negotiating a beneficial real estate transaction between the investor and the existing property owner.

According to Lynn, “I operated a home improvement company for years and understand a great deal about conditions of a distressed property before I recommend that distressed property to my real estate investor customer.”

I also understand the types of home improvement services necessary for my real estate investor customer to complete and then return the improved property back on the market and get it sold quickly at a profit.

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New at Summit Racing Equipment: Phoenix Systems MaxProHD Reverse Brake Bleeder Kits

Tallmadge, OH (PRWEB) April 18, 2014

The MaxProHD Reverse Brake Bleeder Kit is a revolutionary approach to hydraulic system bleeding that puts physics to work. Instead of drawing fluid down from the master cylinder and through the caliper, the kit actually pushes fluid from the caliper up into the master cylinder.

As the fluid is drawn out of the included reservoir and pushed upwards, any air bubbles will naturally rise and escape through the master cylinder. That eliminates the tedious pedal-pump process and means brake bleeding is now officially a one-person job. This system has been used in professional shops for years, and now Summit Racing offers Phoenix kits that are affordable for the home mechanic.

Each MaxProHD Reverse Brake Bleeder Kit comes complete with fitting adapters for vacuum, pressure, pulse generation, and cross bleeding setups. Two kits are available: one for automobiles, and another for automobiles and motorcycles with the included motorcycle adapter.

See The Phoenix Systems Maxprohd Reverse Brake Bleeder Kit at Summit Racing

Summit Racing Equipment


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Rockin Vans Moves Forward With Business Name Change: They Are Now Known as “VAN Y TOURS” Luxury Tour Van Rental

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) April 14, 2014

The Phoenix based tour van rental company, Van Y Tours recently went through a business name change to appeal to a broader market. Having spent years on the road as an entertainer coach driver for Britney Spears, Miranda Lambert, Jennifer Lopez, STYX, Rebelution,The Zac Brown Band and hundreds of other bands, founder Luke Van Whye knows first hand what is important to include in touring vans for the comfort of the musicians.

The custom built Mercedes Benz Sprinter van features five sleeper bunks, two couches, in motion SAT TV, Play Station 3, Apple TV WIFI, built-in navigation and a trailer for all of the band gear. The van also includes a fridge, cooler and storage space for the band members. The newest versions are to include SHORE POWER, which lets the vans plug into any power outlet. Thus the van’s engine can be shut down and still have power and A/C.

Not only are the vans comfortable, they are extremely efficient and cost effective compared to a tour bus. The van will save touring musicians thousands of dollars in driver and fuel costs.Van Y Tours are also proud to announce that these new tour vans are fully equipped with the BlueTec Sprinter engine, which reduces emissions and pollution. This engine is the cleanest diesel engine in the world.

Additionally, no CDL license is required, meaning anyone over the age of twenty-four, with a clean driving record can drive the van.

Van Y Tours can also refer professional drivers to the touring band if they prefer not to drive and can deliver the van anywhere in the country. If you are planning an up-coming tour and are in need of a tour van, Van Y Tours is your solution.

For More Information on renting a sleeper van from Van Y Tours contactt Luke Van Whye at 602-980-8910 or visit VANYTOURS.COM.

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